In a few words

Recording, mixing & production.

Songwriting, arrangement & orchestration.

Motion picture scoring & sound design.

Sonovore Studio

Musician with many influences

Producer working with all styles

DAW addict for 15+ years

Pro Tools / Cubase Pro / Logic Pro

Detailed bio


Ed started rocking the plastic guitar at age 3, and beating his bed with drum sticks while singing aloud at age 5.

When he was 10 he began taking piano lessons, which were to be the basis of Ed’s musical knowledge. In the meantime, he discovered computer music and spent a couple of years composing on his own, mainly orchestral and game/filmscore-oriented music, electronic music, even engaging in a few student projects.

Getting feedback from other musicians and constantly trying to improve, Ed found and developed the main part of his style and working approach during this time.

When he was 18, he moved and started playing in a few bands, getting involved in the composition process and bringing his orchestral approach.

edSince then, he refined his sound a number of times, getting new gear, new software, as well as learning new skills in writing, harmony and production, meeting ever more fellow musicians.

2013 marked the return of Ed to his first love, film music, finally finding the time to compose again for projects such as short films and documentaries, working with French, British and American directors.

Jeunes talents maconnais 2015In March 2015, he received an award from the City of Mâcon, for his involvement in the making of the film « Matisco« , a non-narrative documentary about the local region.

2016 saw Ed working with bands Nightmare and Dead Crows, creating keyboard parts and orchestrations with world-class collaborators for the former and producing a full album for the latter. It was also an opportunity to develop and considerably increase technical production skills.

As for 2017 and beyond, a residency partnership with Sonovore Studio announces nothing but bright and promising projects!


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